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Asura Briar grown up by iamsarahjo Asura Briar grown up :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 1 0 Nella Prue by iamsarahjo Nella Prue :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 0 0
A Prick of Madness
A prick of madness
What do you know of the maid cursed to prick her finger and die? Oh? A hundred year sleep and prince's kiss? You know nothing. I was cursed to madness and death. The little fairy tried to save me, but you couldn't expect her to remember madness with death in the air.
I grew up as legends say. Though, my hair is black as night and I'm freckled. Folk tend to exaggerate a princess' beauty. I am by no means a classic beauty, nor a hideous wretch. Not graceful, willowy, or socially shining, I feel more at home in the library or at weaponry practice with the squires then at a ball or dancing. My biggest flaw is my most deadly, I sleep walk.
I've been found shooting arrows, swinging swords, even riding in the countryside, all with unseeing, dreaming eyes. You can imagine how dangerous this is. No matter what has been tried I will not stay in my rooms as I sleep. I am never found where I went to sleep come morning light.
For sixteen long years no one spoke of my curse, no sp
:iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 1 0
A Prick of Madness by iamsarahjo A Prick of Madness :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 0 0 i know she's not forgotten....... by iamsarahjo i know she's not forgotten....... :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 21 8
Umiko + Kai = Trust? part 2: Her Past
"Umiko, you know that we were not always this well off." "Yes, soon after Father married you, he lost everything. Then a year after I was born, We regained our family's wealth." "Do you know why we regained it all, Angelfish?" "No, Father." "We have been able to afford all that we have because of our last blessed Daimyo. You see, Umiko, when you were a year, the Daimyo came to us late one night. His Supremacy offered to pay off our debts and restore our family's esteem, in return we would marry you to his son. The real catch was we had to marry you then and there. So you see Umiko you are our current Daimyo's bride." "No that's impossible. Child marriages are illegal." "Sweetie, it happened. We hoped that you would fall in love with Lord Eros naturally, but... We're sorry. We can't change the past, he'll come for you soon." "How soon?" "Immediately, my love. You will never be without me." As Eros reached for her, Umiko started to scream.
She was still screaming when she woke. Kirin rus
:iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 1 0
why u need chocolate... by iamsarahjo why u need chocolate... :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 0 0 Soft Moon Kitties by iamsarahjo Soft Moon Kitties :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 8 4 Zuko's reincarnation by iamsarahjo Zuko's reincarnation :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 64 62
Umiko + Kai = Trust? part 1: Meeting
Faster! I must swim FASTER! Umiko thought on the verge of panic. A poison squidray loomed behind her, reaching it's deadly tentacles toward her. If it touched just a strand of her streaming hair, Umiko would surely die. She glanced behind her. No! It's too close. Steadily getting closer and closer. Umiko squeezed her dark aqua eyes shut.
Something seized her arm. This is it, Umiko thought. Death. But death did not come, instead she was jerked painfully forward. Tentatively, Umiko peeped her eyes opened. Bubbles shot past, as a red blur drug her threw the ocean. She squeezed her eyes shut, as tightly as possible.
Suddenly they jerked to a stop. Umiko snapped her eyes open as she was flung around. A blood-red tiger shark floated in front of her. Umiko screamed. His eyes became panicked.
"Shhhhhh, You're safe," the tiger shark said softly. "I'm Kai. I won't hurt you." He took his hand away.
"This can't be happening," Umiko said just b
:iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 1 0
My Vamplet: Asura Briar by iamsarahjo My Vamplet: Asura Briar :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 1 0 Little Avatar Korra *spoiler* by iamsarahjo Little Avatar Korra *spoiler* :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 7 4 atla My Bender by iamsarahjo atla My Bender :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 0 0 To The Evening Star by iamsarahjo To The Evening Star :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 1 2 water spirit by iamsarahjo water spirit :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 1 0 first look by iamsarahjo first look :iconiamsarahjo:iamsarahjo 0 3


Dear You
Dear You
You are a hurricane.
You are a volcano.
You are a flurry of beautiful violence;
A plume of volcanic ash cast into the sky.
You are all the voices of the world;
A scream and a whisper and a sigh.
You are the beauty of the earth;
An exquisite wildfire, divine in its destruction.
And you are so strong.
You are stronger than this weight on your shoulders,
You are stronger than this emptiness in your chest,
You are stronger than all these things that dare get in your way.
You will charge past these things;
These regrets, these desires, these insecurities.
You will get through every pitfall and mistake and slipup,
And you’ll be made better for it.
You are unbeatable, unconquerable and unstoppable.
Every obstacle, an opportunity,
Every failure, a lesson.
You will beat this because you are better than this.
You will beat this because you are you.
And that is a powerful thing.
:icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 1,087 205
Portrait of Zuko and Mai by missbennet Portrait of Zuko and Mai :iconmissbennet:missbennet 8,514 1,242 Little Stupid Mermaid by kevinbolk Little Stupid Mermaid :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 1,869 247 Inuyasha by shuangwen Inuyasha :iconshuangwen:shuangwen 10,536 933 X-Men Gambit Art Card by kevinbolk X-Men Gambit Art Card :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 669 57 X-Men Rogue Art Card by kevinbolk X-Men Rogue Art Card :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 521 29 X-Men Nightcrawler Art Card by kevinbolk X-Men Nightcrawler Art Card :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 752 83 X-Men Storm Art Card by kevinbolk X-Men Storm Art Card :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 546 39 X-Men Beast Art Card by kevinbolk X-Men Beast Art Card :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 360 51 X-Men Wolverine Art Card by kevinbolk X-Men Wolverine Art Card :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 601 45 9th Doctor Who Chris Eccleston by kevinbolk 9th Doctor Who Chris Eccleston :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 936 73 House MD Art Card by kevinbolk House MD Art Card :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 974 165 Rurouni Kenshin Art Card by kevinbolk Rurouni Kenshin Art Card :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 613 116 Miracle Max and Valerie by kevinbolk Miracle Max and Valerie :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 728 122 Princess Bride Fezzik by kevinbolk Princess Bride Fezzik :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 935 124 Princess Bride Inigo Montoya by kevinbolk Princess Bride Inigo Montoya :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 1,314 230



Sarah Jo
United States
i'm a strange kid with weird hobbies. i sew and stuff

Current Residence: Halloween Town
Favourite genre of music: Rock
MP3 player of choice: ?
Shell of choice: ?
Wallpaper of choice: ?
Skin of choice: ?
Personal Quote: A princess, me? No way I want to be a VAMPIRE!!


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